Why choose us for hair straightening treatment?

My Beauty Basics is one of the over 70,000 YUKO registered independent hair straightening service provider. We are also Momoko registered hair straightening providers to carry our Japanese permanent hair straightening.

  • At My Beauty Basics we are committed to source top rated products, solutions and services to ensure that our customers get the best value for their money.

  • Stay up to date with relevant professional skills.

  • Transparent charging model, no hidden costs. We have capped our maximum price for the straightening treatment to £390. Our customers are assured there will be no surprises when they turn up for their free consultation or treatment.

  • Experienced and professionally trained permanent hair straightening specialist, have been successfully performing straightening treatments since 2013.

  • Large number of satisfied customers choose to come back to us for repeated treatments.

  • Most common reason our new customers tells us about choosing us is our reviews from previous customers. Please checkout our reviews at different sites on the internet from the below link.

Please check out our reviews

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