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Why do we offer direct debit payment option for Momoko hair straightening treatments?

Momoko Permanent hair straightening can cost from £300 to £450 at My Beauty Basics. We came up with a unique offering for our customers as an experiment so that we can address some of customer's payment related concerns for this treatment and then we noticed the following. :)

  • Our customers are benefiting from this unique facility, to help them spreading the total costs of getting hair straightened permanently.

  • Customers who are choosing to pay through the direct debit method are loving the fact they do not pay a penny extra to what they would pay as full amount on the day of treatment.

  • For others this facility has helped them to get their most wanted treatment done without delay, it whilst they are saving up.

With all these benefits to customers in mind and the fact that it has helped us to achieve a customer base of satisfied customers, we decided to continue with offering the Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening treatment in monthly interest free payments.

Please click on the Direct Debit icon below to learn more about the payment plan.


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