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Dermalogica ProSkin 60 Face Treatment

Do you want the best skin you've ever had? Our ultimate 60-minute treatment ProSkin60 is customised to target all of your skin needs and to leave your skin radiant and glowing. This results based treatment is suitable to deal with one or more of the following skin conditions.

  • adult breakouts

  • dryness and dehydration

  • oiliness

  • sensitivity and redness

  • signs of aging

  • uneven skin tone

It incorporates exfoliating Hydra Dermabrasion to improve texture and tone. Dermalogica's high quality products to brighten and boost collagen production and highly advanced professional-grade actives for the deep treatment. Experience dramatic results in a secluded and relaxing environment.

Dermalogica is the number one choice of the skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica story started in 1986 and now has over 100,000 trained therapists worldwide in over 80 plus countries. Dermalogica products have won over 324 awards.

ProSkin60 is carried out by the  professional skin therapist trained and certified up to Dermalogica's expert level. Treatment is carried out in up to 6 modules/steps that are customised as per the client's skin condition.

Dermalogica ProSkin 60

customised to your skin's needs

1 hour

From £55

ProSkin60 is performed in up to 6 of the steps shown below. Treatment is customised to address multiple skin concerns identified by performing skin analysis during the double cleansing step. 


Deep Cleansing


Every treatment starts with dermalogica's signature double cleanse module. This involves double cleansing the skin with PreCleanse, face mapping and then cleansing with the prescribed cleanser based on the results of the face mapping. 


Double cleanse procedure removes both oil and water-soluble debris from the skin's surface, ensuring a professional and more thorough level of clean.

Depending on the skin condition and needs of the skin, an appropriate professional strength cleanser from Dermalogica's range is used. Below are some examples of most common choices of cleansers your therapist at My Beauty Basics may use. 

Skin Concern
Prescribed Cleanser
Uneven skin tone
intensive moisture cleanser
Signs of skin ageing
skin resurfacing cleanser
Adult breakouts
clearing skin wash
Sensitivity and redness
ultracalming cleanser
​Dryness and dehydration
intensive moisture cleanser
active clay cleanser

Depending on the level of exfoliation required by the skin, your therapist may need to boost the cleansing stage by adding relevant  professional grade exfoliant to the cleanser. For deep cleansing with mild exfoliation needs therapist may choose to use the bt-sonic brush  from Bio-Therapeutic. It is possible to achieve up to six time more powerful cleansing with this microsonic facial cleansing brush.


​For achieving deeper cleansing and added exfoliation if needed by the skin your therapist may choose to use the ultrasonic and micro current technology based ultrasonic blade called bt-micro. Ultrasonic exfoliation creates high speed oscillations, leaving skin smooth, fresh and perfectly prepared for the next stages of the treatment.


Every Professional exfoliation removes dulling dead skin cells, speeds up cell turnover and increases product efficacy. Depending on the skin condition and the level of exfoliation required one or combination of professional exfoliants like Daily Microfoliant, Multivitamin Thermafoliant, Daily Superfoliant or Multivitamin Power Exfoliant will be used the skin therapist.


Your skin therapist may choose to customise the strength of the exfoliant using Dermalogica's Exfoliant Accelerator 35. This is a professional grade product that can only be used by a certified skin therapist.

If needed by your skin, your skin therapist may choose to use either our bt-sonic brush for mechanical exfoliation and or bt-micro for ultrasonic exfoliation. 


If skin therapist has noticed any congestion and comedones (blackheads or whiteheads) on your skin they will perform extractions. These extractions will be performed using 3 steps technique.

  • Prep

  • Extract

  • Post

Prep benefit: Helps to dilate folicles, soften sebum and comedones to prepare for professional extractions, without drying or irritating the skin. If needed ultrasonic blade will be used to enhance the product penetration during prep stage. 


Extract benefit: The Dermalogica extraction technique is an effective and safe manual method to remove comedones and imperfections.


Post benefits: Helps soothe inflamed, irritated skin while creating an antiseptic environment.

Touch Therapy

Dermalogica signature technique, pressure point touch therapies is the most memorable point of the ProSkin treatment session. Touch therapies combines the power of aromatherapy and acupressure movements. 


A combination of below listed touch therapies will be provided as per the client's needs. Combination of products used during this stage are Soothing additive, revitalising additive, Clearing additive or Calming Botanical mixer with massage cream or oil free massage.

  • Pressure Point Touch Therapy - Great for all skin conditions, help with the lymphatic drainage. Relaxes tissue and eliminate toxins from the skin.

  • Stress Relief Scalp Touch Therapy - Great for all skin conditions, loosens tension on the scalp, forehead and neck. Gentle pressure movements that calm and relax.

  • Age Reversal Touch Therapy - Ideal for mature or prematurely-ageing skin conditions and concerns. Helps smooth and diminish visible signs of ageing.

  • Sensitive Skin Relief Touch Therapy - Soothes sensitive or sensitised skin conditions. Relieves stress tension in face, sinuses, head and eye muscles. Improves breathing, calms the psyche and relaxes the body.

  • Targeted neck and shoulder Touch Therapy - Great for all skin conditions, promotes relief of stress on the head, neck and shoulders. Focuses on full range of upper body muscle tension.

Deep Treatment

This portion of the treatment is dedicated to intensively target specific skin concerns and conditions. These conditions can range from dehydration, sensitivity, premature ageing or acne. Treatment results are intensified using serums and masques to treat various skin conditions.


A prescribed IonActive Serum is applied to the skin followed by the application of prescribed professional masque. After applying masque the products are further penetrated into the skin using the ultrasonic blade.

Dermal Layering

Dermal Layering stage of the treatment helps to hydrate, seals and protects the skin to complete the treatment. During this stage a toner is applied over face, neck and chest.


Prescribed eye treatment is applied and prescribed moisture is applied over face, neck and chest. Treatment is completed after the application of a suitable sunscreen. Your skin therapist may choose combination of the below mentioned, toners, moisturisers and sun screens.

Skin Concern
Suggested Options
multi-active toner, active moist, oil free matte spf30
signs of skin aging
antioxidant hydramist, super rich repair, dynamic skin recovery spf50
uneven skin tone
multi-active toner, pure light spf50
​Sensitivity and redness
ultracalming mist, calm water gel, super sensitive shield spf30
Dryness and dehydration
multi-active toner, intensive moisture balance, prisma protect spf30
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