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Reviews for My Beauty Basics

Ever since we have started My Beauty Basics back in 2013,  we have been receiving reviews from our customers and others who have had any dealings with our business.


We receive reviews about My Beauty Basics through a number of external websites on the internet. Due to diverse nature of our customers and visitors we receive reviews written on FacebookTreatwell, Google Reviews and many more popular sites and applications. 


In the below section we have attempted to provide links for these popular choices to read previous reviews and write new ones. We welcome honest opinion about your experiences of dealing with us. Your reviews helps in the following ways.

  1. Motivate us to do even better for the actions that has impressed someone or made someone feel good about dealing with us or buying services and or products from us. 

  2. Gives us the opportunity to improve our efforts on the things that has not gone so well for our customers and visitors. 

  3. Provides valuable information for our perspective customers to assist their consideration before dealing with us.


We encourage you to provide your negative and or positive feedback about your experiences of dealing with our staff, purchase of services and or purchase of products from us. Please tell us about your experiences through your preferred method. 

Click on the 'Google Reviews' Icon below to read or write reviews about My Beauty Basics on the Google. A large number of customers and visitors use our business page on the Google to find contact details,​ get directions, view our posts, visit our website and read or write reviews on the Google.


Writing reviews on Google requires an account on the Google platform. Not all of our customers or visitors have an account with Google so they may choose alternate methods of writing reviews. 


Our reviews page on the Facebook can be accessed by clicking on the icon 'Reviews on Facebook'.​  A number of customers and visitors interact with us through Facebook.


You can stay connected to our Facebook page to get regular updates, special offers and contact us through Facebook messenger. A Facebook account is required to write reviews using this method.


You do not need a Facebook account to read reviews written by others about their experiences with My Beauty Basics. 


Our reviews on the Treatwell can be read from the 'treatwell' icon. ​Treatwell is our online bookings partner. A number of customers choose to use Treatwell for finding new deals and use online booking facility to manage their appointments with My Beauty Basics.


Treatwell offers a number of incentives to the customers for using the online booking facility. Customers receive discount vouchers and special offers notifications from Treatwell's registered partners. You need an account with Treatwell to write reviews about My Beauty Basics.


You are able to review us on Trustpilot by clicking on the 'TRUSTPILOT' icon.​  ​Trustpilot is an online review community. They are committed to being the most trusted review community on the market. 


You are able to use a number of existing logon accounts or your email address to identify yourself when writing reviews on the Trustpilot. 

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