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Send someone special an eGift Card!

Our eGift Card is a convenient, faster and flexible way to send a gift to a loved one. Below are some of the reasons why our customers are choosing an eGift Card.

  • eGift Card takes the guess work out of selecting a gift in case one has to assume recipient's choice.

  • eGift Card is delivered through an email message with unique code that recipient can use at our checkout. You can choose the exact date when they should receive this email and the code in case eGift card should be delivered on recipients special day.

  • Our eGift Card never expires therefore recipient can spend it as per their convenience.

Use the button below to explore eGift Card options to personalise the message and amount you wish to top up into the card.

Recipient gets email notification with the sender's name and eGift Card Code for them to use on our website as a way of payment towards their selected products. Recipient also get the following "How to use eGift Card" instructions.

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