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My Beauty Basics is one of the YUKO registered independent hair straightening service provider. ANTI-FRIZZ by YUKO is all about controlling frizz and smoothing one's hair. A perfect treatment for someone who is not seeking permanent poker straight hair and is looking to address the frizzy hair situation.

There are no restrictions for type/texture of hair on which ANTI-FRIZZ treatment can be applied on. It is suitable for virgin/highlighted/bleached/coloured hair. Please continue to browse to other pages about YUKO and Momoko Permanent Hair Straightening if you are looking for Permanent Hair Straightening treatment instead.

Browse through the photos gallery for some of the results we have been able to achieve. Once ready, please read through the "Frequently Asked Questions" below that we have complied from the queries we have received from customers. 

Use the contact us options to get in touch with us if there are more queries after reading the information or book a "Free, no obligation to purchase" consultation session. Consultation visit is a must before treatment for new customers can be carried out. During the visit following activities are performed.

  • Hair are visually checked for their type, health, texture and length. 

  • A test is performed on a small number of hair by applying different strengths of the straightening solutions to establish the suitability of the treatment and to provide guidance and advise on the results can be expected of if treatment should even be continued all together. 

  • A price estimate is given depending on the health, texture and length of the hair. 


Although, in most cases we can perform the treatment on the same day as the consultation, it may be possible that you will need to come twice if a 2 hours slot is not available on the same day as consultation visit. 

Anti Frizz by Yuko Consultation

All Hair Types

Hair are checked for compatibility to the treatment

30 min


Anti Frizz by Yuko - Semi permanent

Short Hair

Hair length is above the shoulders

2 Hours


Anti Frizz by Yuko - Semi permanent

Medium Hair

Hair length is on or just below the shoulders

2 Hrs 15 min


Anti Frizz by Yuko - Semi permanent

Long Hair

Hair length is at the shoulders blades or above the hips

2 Hrs 30 min


Anti Frizz by Yuko - Semi permanent

Very Long Hair

Hair length is below the hips

2 Hrs 45 min


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