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Ladies Hair Colouring

Our Full Head Hair Colouring,  Full Head Blonde,  Full Head or Half Head Highlights and Balayage services use permanent, semi or Demi permanent colours from Wella Professionals range.  Wella Professionals delivers the high quality, effective hair colours you would expect to achieve highest quality of results. There’s a comprehensive range of over 100 shades of hair colours we stock, giving us the possibilities to create rich, vibrant, long-lasting colours, highlights, blonde and balayage effects suitable for your taste, style and compatibility. Wella has been delivering innovations and services for over 140 years. 

Our professionally trained hair colouring specialists provides free consultation prior to carry out the service. During the consultation your desirable results, trends and suitability of the desirable results is discussed thoroughly. A free patch test is mandatory requirement we have at least 24 hours before we are able to provide the colouring/tinting services.  


Hair Colouring Consultation

All Hair Types

Small amount of hair colour is applied 

5 min


Hair Colour Service Only

Bring your own colour

For a uniform result throughout 

1 hour

From £35

Hair Roots Colour 

colouring maintenance

Permanent or semi-permanent roots tinting

1 hour

From £40

Full Head Hair Colour

Short hair

Length of hair is above shoulders

1 hour

From £45

Full Head Hair Colour

Medium hair

Hair length is on the shoulders or just below

1 hour 30 min

From £60

Full Head Hair Colour

Long hair

Hair length is at the shoulder blades or just below

2 hours

From £90

Full Head Hair Colour

Very long hair

Hair length is at the hips of below

2 hour 30 min

From £120

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