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How is Anti-Frizz treatment different from Permanent Hair Straightening?

Anti-Frizz by Yuko treatment fortifies and nourish the hair, which over time will lead to naturally healthier and shinier hair.

The original YUKO straightening and Momoko Japanese treatments we offer are permanent, which means hair treated for permanent hair straightening are straight permanently.

In case of permanent hair straightening a revisit to salon is required to get follow up treatment on the newly grown hair. New hair will grow as per your natural hair type and texture. A revisit to get permanent hair straightening on regrowth is needed after 6-12 months depending on how fast your natural hair grows.

Anti-Frizz by Yuko is semi-permanent. Anti-Frizz by Yuko utilizes 2 solutions for the desired results. First solution softens the hair bonds and the second solution coats the newly softened hair with natural ingredients, while depositing proteins into the hair.

Hair treated with Anti-Frizz treatment will last for around 3-4 months. Coating of natural ingredients and proteins last around 3-4 months so a revisit will be necessary around this time frame to get the previously treated and newly grown hair treated again.


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