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Kaeso Rebalancing Facial

Kaeso Rebalancing Facial treatment is most suitable for the oily/combination skin. Select this option if you already know your skin type. Alternatively choose Kaeso Hyderating or Kaeso Calming facial treatment options.

If you don't know your skin type, don't worry. Your skin will be analysed by the therapist at My Beauty Basics and suitable products/treatments will be advised.

At the end of this treatment most the customers feel so pampered that they tend to fall sleep.

Following on from initial consultation you will enjoy this 8 steps treatment for a moisturised, supple, softer, rebalanced and smoother skin with revitalised complextion.

  • Rebalancing cleanser application

  • Skin analysis

  • Facial massage (plus complimentary shoulders and back massage)

  • Rebalancing exfoliator application

  • Face Steaming

  • Rebalancing mask application

  • Rebalancing toner application

  • Rebalancing moisturiser application

Rebalancing Cleanser

For effective removal of the makeup and everyday grime to leave skin thoroughly cleansed and soothed. Contains extracts of Mallow and Cucumber to moisturise and soften the skin. Witch Hazel helps to refine pores and reduce oiliness. After application of rebalancing cleanser skin is left soft, supple and shine free.

Rebalancing Toner

Removes all traces of cleanser and daily impurities, while clarifying the complexion without causing irritation. Restores the balance of an oily complexion and helps clarify skin condition.

Rebalancing Moisturiser

A lightweight, fresh, and non-oily, easily absorbed formula designed to balance skin moisture levels and control excess oil. Vitamin E helps to protect the skin against the environment. Leaves skin bright, revitalised and shine free.

Rebalancing Exfoliator

Microbeads work to buff away impurities and dead skin cells. Whilst gently polishing the skins surface to boost the complexion and reveal healthier skin. Extract of Mallow moisturises while Coconut Oil helps skin conditioning. Restores the balance of skin and leaves it looking brighter.

Rebalancing Mask

Formulated to reduce excess oil and remove impurities. A purifying creamy non-drying mask that refines and adapts to the needs of combination skin. Extract of natural astringents, Willow Bark and Witch Hazel, help to boost skin tone while moisturising. Helps to revitalise the complexion leaving skin looking brighter.

Why Kaeso facial treatments?

Kaeso products contain naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective results. All products in Kaeso's skin care range are free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil. The formulation team at Kaeso source proven and effective botanical extracts and are committed to choosing ingredients that are renowned for their true benefits to the skin.

Kaeso Rebalancing Facial

1 hour

From £40

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