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Discount coupons on every visit.

How to save money on laser hair removal treatments?

There are a number of ways we support our customers so that laser hair removal treatments stays within the reach.

No all upfront payments to save on multipe sessions

Due to individual hair growth cycles each treatment area requires multiple visits to produce permanent hair reduction of the unwanted hair.

We offer discounted prices for multiple sessions but without any pressure of paying all upfront for lets say 3, 6 or 8 visits.

It is possible to book for 6 sessions without paying all upfront. You can pay as you go during each session and in total you pay the advertised lower prices for the 6 sessions. Customers joining our loyalty program even pay less than the listed prices for multiple sessions.

How does it work?

Customers joined into our loyalty program gets money back coupons during each visit for any services from our menu or purchase of any products from our online store. They keep building up the loyalty coins to substantially reduce the costs for the follow up laser hair removal sessions.

Please checkout details of our loyalty program to findout how to join and on how you can get cash back coins on each visit.

More ways to save costs of laser hair removal

In addition to money back during each visit, we regularly create additional money saving opportunities through special offers and free services by creating bundles of most popular services. Please continue to check our special offers pages regularly to plan your visits. To keep up to date with new offers you can choose to get offers and updates through emails while signing up for the loyalty program.

When you are ready simply book online.

Browse through frequently asked questions (FAQs) we get from clients about the laser hair removal treatments. Please give us indication that content is helpful to you through the heart sign show on the right hand side below.

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