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Safety measures and re-opening restrictions

Here at My Beauty Basics, customer safety is our top priority, and we wish to reassure all customers that there are certain measures we will continue with to ensure your salon visit is as safe as possible.

We have carried out a risk assessment at our workplace and have decided to take these measures to ensure public safety despite mandatory restrictions are no longer required.

  • We may refuse to serve you if we observed any known symptoms like high temperature and persistent cough.

  • Provide sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes to all customers to ensure personal hygiene is maintained by all.

  • Removing any communal magazines and books, to limit the spread of any germs.

  • Switch to disposables wherever possible. Where not possible, all laundry will be sterilised in 60 degree washing cycles to ensure there is no scope for any spread of germs.

  • Freshly sterilising and cleaning the salon after every customer visit.

  • Operate our appointment booking system to ensure adequate social distancing can be achieved between different customers.

  • Provide adequate ventilation by keeping windows open in the enclosed place.

We appreciate the support and patience our customers have been providing to us in these challenging times. We would like to ask our customers to:

  • We still have displayed the NHS tack and trace app's QR code for you to scan before you enter the salon and in case you have missed it also inside the salon should you wish to continue to use it.

  • Wear face coverings and other personal protective equipment if necessary, during your visit.

  • Make use of our sanitising stations whenever necessary.

  • Please be on time to appointments, there are still measures in place in the salon to allow only limited number of customer at any one time slot. This gives the salon time to properly sanitise between clients and limits cross contact.

Thanks to all our customers for supporting us within these times.

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