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Why Yuko permanent hair straightening?

YUKO permanent hair straightening is regarded as de facto gold standard in the Japanese hair straightening treatments.

Hair can be damaged when the hair cuticles are torn or when there is a loss of protein from within the hair shaft. Yuko's unique hair care system restores those nutrients to the hair by using a specially designed iron, heated to 180º C, to heat-seal collagen, keratin, silk protein, and other proteins that are naturally present in the hair.

Finishing off with proven treatments, hair is left feeling noticeably healthier and shinier! Treatment is performed in 10 steps by Yuko trained hair and beauty professional and takes around 4-5 hours.

A free consultation prior to booking the appointment is recommended. It helps to analyse the hair and enable us to choose the appropriate products and technique for your hair depending on hair condition, texture and porosity.


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