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    MAGNETISME from Yodeyma is a captivating perfume for a seductive man.  The spicy top notes of ginger combined with the majestic notes of leather and wood form a charismatic and vibrant perfume.


    It has the same perfumery notes (smells like), as in the Hugo Boss "The Scent".


    This is a full version of the fragrance in 100ml bottle. There is also 15ml version available to take away on a trip or to give it a try (Also available on this site).


    It has Ginger as the top notes. Top notes are the first perfumery notes to be appreciated in a perfume. 

    It has Leather as the heart notes. Heart notes are the soul of the perfume. 

    It has Wood as the base notes. Base notes give the depth to the perfume.


    We occasionally have 15ml bottles of this item without a box and without a cap at a considerably low price. This may make a perfect purchase for someone who wishes to try the perfume before purchasing the full 100 ml version. 


    Rest assured it will be an unused, full 15ml bottle of the perfume. We will wrap it suitably for a safe delivery by post.


    Yodeyma Paris are bringing an extensive collection of Eau de Parfums since 1991. Discover these quality fragrances to be able to wear a new perfume every day.


    These perfumes are made from most elegant and sophisticated ingredients which are never tested on the animals.


    All products are manufactured in accordance with the standards set out in ISO 22716.The Yodeyma products have been made with high quality raw materials which comply with the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.


    Yodeyma manufactures great fragrances inspired by the brands, famous men and women. Yodeyma aims to bring high quality fragrances at considerably lower prices.


    This is evident from the excellent reviews from our customers who have previously used these fragrances and became fans.


    These are not counterfeit, but are generic perfumes (you may already be aware of the term generic medicines) containing same molecules compounds of branded fragrances, having very small and subtle variations.


    Note: The names and trademarks mentioned in this page are purely indicative and are mentioned exclusively for the identification of the fragrances and their inspirations.


    Amongst the top sellers for repeat purchases.


    Top rated customer reviews.

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