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What are the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

There are a number of benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage whether its done using Manual Lymphatic Drainage technique or using a specialised pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage machine. Below are the top five benefits of this massage technique.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Reduction in Bloating and Puffiness

Bloating and Puffiness can happen to anyone and it is often around the belly, legs or arms. This can be caused by lymphatic fluids not being able to travel within the lymphatic system due to medical issues, busy lifestyle conditions resulting into lack of exercise, lack of movement and poor diet.

Lymphatic drainage massage helps to clear this retained fluid. During the lymphatic drainage massage therapists use special techniques to push it towards the lymph nodes where it can travel back into the blood stream.

Results of the treatment are experienced immediately as you will walk away feeling much more lighter and energetic

Lymphatic drainage massage is especially helpful in case of medical condition called lymphedema.

Helps to Break down cellulite and fat cells

If reduction in the fat cells and breaking down cellulite is one of your targets, please discuss with the therapist. lymphatic drainage massage helps to breakdown cellulite as massage therapist can target the cellulite during the lymphatic drainage massage. It is also possible to target the fat cells during this process which helps to loose weight faster over time.

Reduction in post-injury swelling

When you have an injury – say from working out hard in the gym – you might find the area doesn’t circulate fluids as well, which causes extra swelling. Excess puffiness may be a sign that your lymphatic system isn’t working quite as it should, so a lymphatic drainage massage could be needed to help drain some of the swelling away.

Skin Glow

Massaged skin often glows because the manual gestures give your blood circulation a boost, but we haven’t just seen boosted radiance on limbs, legs and decolletage. Some of our lymphatic drainage clients notice the skin on their face also looks more luminous – again, as a result of stimulated blood flow.

Eases tension in the body

Last but not least, a lymphatic drainage massage can be truly relaxing. The sweeping gestures and the increase of lymph flow often works wonders at easing tension throughout your body. So, if you’re feeling pent-up, you can lie back and allow your practitioner to ease away stresses, all while receiving the benefits above.

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