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Can I create my own laser hair removal packages?

We understand everyone has different needs. Although we have some favourite packages that are demanded regularly by the customers repeatedly, we do get asked this question. Can I pick and mix the packages or create my own packages?

Here is our answer!

We offer endless combinations to you so that you can create your own packages. Below are the combination of the body areas you can choose to create your own packages.

Small, Medium and large areas are defined as per below tables.

Below are some example packages that our customers are able to create. These are not only the possible combinations. Our customers are able to combine these packages together to create new package or their own individual laser hair removal treatment plan.

Want to know more about how are we supporting our customers to save money on laser treatments? Please continue to read.

Complete price list for laser hair removal can be found from below link. Please note an important requirement before treatment can be carried out is for you to attend a free consultation and patch testing appointment. This is also visible in the below price list as free item.

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