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Why Venus Velocity Diode Laser Machine?

We have chosen Venus Velocity medical grade diode laser machine for hair removal due to its gold standard efficacy and power.

Venus Velocity Diode Laser Machine

Suitable for all skin types

Diode laser technology used in the Venus Velocity is safe, comfortable results in ultra fast treatment times and is effective for all skin types. Its proven efficacy is setting the new gold standard in laser hair removal.

Venus Velocity laser hair removal machine

Venus velocity has 3 ergonomic applicators designed for precesion targeting of the hair to produce different spot sizes in different areas of the body.

Diode laser machine applicators

Smallest tip size is most suitable to target small areas like upper lips, sideburns or fingers. Medium tip suitable for areas line underarms, shoulders or half arms whereas large tip being suitable for large to extra large target areas like full back or full legs.

Revolutionary Real time Cooling System

Real time cooling system in the Venus Velocity checks the applicator tip's temeprature 1000 times a second to ensure safe and very comfortable treatment experience.

No downtime

Our customers being able to return to their regular routine has been one of the important decision when short listing the technology we wanted to adopt at My Beauty Basics. There is really no downtime after treatment session with the Venus velocity.

Why Laser and not IPL?

We wanted to ensure that we are able to produce desirable results for our customers. With the Venus Velocity diode laser hair removal machine we have the highest power laser, medical grade class 4 device. IPL devices although can be used for hair removal, they are mainly multi purpose devices with more effective results for skin rejuvenlation related treatments and possibilities of resticted hair removal treatments.

With our decision to not opt in for IPL for hair removal treatments we have the most powerful, dedicated, safe, fast and effective results based permanent hair reduction solution. Effective long lasting results are produced in lower number of treatments visits than IPL based hair removal techniques. Venus Velocity customers reports visible results consistently after 2-3 treatments. Although it may be tempeting to stop treatments after 3 visits but we recommend to continue with treatment visits to produce permanent hair reduction.

Where to start from?

It all start with analysing and skin typing. Being able to describe the correct skin type is at the core of achieving effective hair removal results. To know your Fitzpatrick skin type continue to read.

Want to know more about how are we supporting our customers to save money on laser treatments? Please continue to read.

Complete price list for laser hair removal can be found from below link. Please note an important requirement before treatment can be carried out is for you to attend a free consultation and patch testing appointment. This is also visible in the below price list as free item.

Browse through frequently asked questions (FAQs) we get from clients about the laser hair removal treatments. Please give us indication that content is helpful to you through the heart sign show on the right hand side below.

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